I have been fortunate to be a part of the Greensboro Senior Games for the past 8 years.  This past week we completed all the track and running events.  Once again this year did not disappoint.  The oldest female participant Dot Sowerby in the 85-89 year old age group competed in every event.  Her smile at the finish line is infectious!!  I am working on her appearance for an upcoming episode. I love every participant and continued to be inspired.  But as always my favorite is Dick Rosen.  At age 90 his incredible drive to participate is amazing.  As like Dot he competed in every event.  However, unlike previous years, due to a back injury he was only able to walk every event including the 5k which he finished in 70 min 59 seconds.  As I congratulated him on his accomplishment.  His response was thank you but I would have been faster if it wasn’t for my back.  I am sorry you had to wait so long.  Honestly I would stay there all day if I had to.  And if that is not enough he is scheduled to participate in the 10k next week.  For those that may have missed my interview with Dick during mile #5, I encourage you to take a view into why Dick Rosen continues to be a great example of how to stay active!!




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