I want to take a minute and thank all of you that have been on this journey with me since July 9th 2020 when the Weathered Athlete podcast published its 1st Promo episode.  On July 19th Walt Maxwell entered the Podcast as the 1st guest.  To date I have published 23 episodes with 22 guides, 2 livestream events and this past weekend  the weathered Athlete Podcast took its show on the road.  I was fortunate to spend the weekend with Cory Compton my Guide for Mile #23 and Walt Maxwell as they completed the David Goggins 4x4x48 Challenge.  Their task was to run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours.  My task was to chronical their adventures, the highs and the lows if they had any and to help them to the finish of an individual run or to the challenge completion.  I can promise you from spending time with them over the weekend there was no doubt to their dedication and willingness to persevere as needed.   I was able to gather 7 plus hours of footage from throughout the weekend.  A short 1 minute video is available of the Weathered Athlete Podcast facebook page and at www.weatheredathlete.com.  My goal is to take the show on the road with any past or future guides as the schedule and covid restrictions allow.  Quick backstory to how the Roadshow was born.  When Cory had mentioned on facebook that he was going to tackle this challenge it was a no brainer that Walt and I would help provide run support.  What I should I have guessed as the day drew closer was that Walt would throw his hat in the challenge.  What I found out as the weekend went on Walt had a coworkers family member pass away from cancer in his 40’s.  Walt had been sitting on the fence but then made the decision final as he heard about his passing. 

So in honor of this past weekends events and to highlight the man that continues to prove that if you have an idea and you need someone to keep you company. Mr “You had me at Hello”, Walt Maxwell is that man.  If you did not have a chance to listen to my 1st episode with Walt or even if you already have.  I encourage you to sit back and learn more about my friend and your friend Walt Maxwell.

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