Today I am honored to be joined by Cory Compton for mile #23.  Cory is someone that I had the pleasure of meeting on a few of our Tri team rides earlier last year.  We have kept in touch via facebook as most people these days are doing.  I had learned about his military background, his family life as well as a few of his health issues that he has overcome with nutrition, exercise and positive attitude.  Honestly, he is a perfect fit for the Weathered Athlete Podcast.  I am appreciative of his willingness to open up about the autoimmune storms he has faced.  As a parent of a son with Crohn’s and as a healthcare professional I love his military analogy to describe autoimmune diseases and the treatments that are used.  The best part of doing this podcast is being able to take a journey with people on how they have arrived at their present day self.  I can promise Cory’s outlook on life and the steps he is taking on aging can benefit everyone.  I hope you enjoy. 

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