We are going to take a look at Goal Setting and Performance through a Biopsychosocial Lens
So in layman’s terms.
Bio: How has any past medical issues (yourself or peers), future health concerns (or avoidance of) influence those activities you are participating in now, as well as how it influences compliance and any day to day or long term goals?
Psycho: How does the feeling of the “endorphin” release (runner’s high, getting in the “Flow”) influence your ability to stick with day to day training plan (especially this year)?
What has greater importance that day to day feeling or the anticipation of that finish line or completion of any goal that was set?
Social: How does having a peer group of “like minded” or “not like minded – the nay sayers” around you help you succeed?
Goal of this Livestream is to help listeners on steps they may be able to use to succeed at getting started or staying on track
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